Felt comfortable during my visit

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After finding Fred Niemann on the internet and watching many of his videos, I knew his firm was knowledgeable in more than just Wills and estate planning.  Once I had the chance to meet with Fred Niemann, he was friendly and interested in my needs.  After talking with many local firms, I was very glad I had chosen the firm of Hanlon Niemann & Wright. – Walter Sobieski

Thank you for your help

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I thank you for all of your help with our Estate planning and Medicaid needs over the past several years. All of your advice helped us out immensely and made the whole process easier than expected. I will be sure to call on you again if any future needs arise as well as refer family and friends to you if they are in need of legal help.  Thank you again, Laura W.

My fiancee passed away and I was named as a beneficiary

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I was in a panic. My fiancee passed away and I was named as a beneficiary of a valuable piece of real estate in Hudson County, New Jersey under his Will. Adding to my grief was the decision of the Executor to ignore the language of his Will and then he refused to convey ownership of the real estate to me. What were my rights? What could I do? I called various people for a referral to an attorney experienced in probate litigation. Mr. Niemann was recommended to me and immediately he took charge. He filed a lawsuit against the Executor and aggressively fought for me throughout the legal process. He would not compromise or settle for less than I …

Mr. Niemann has been a God send to me and my family

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Mr. Niemann has been a God send to me and my family. He has met with me many, many times with patience, sensitivity and understanding that few people expect from an attorney. My family issues are complex and Mr. Niemann understands what I want to happen to my estate upon my death, especially for my adult incapacitated child and other adult children. He created a special trust for my son. He has followed up with me to help me make decisions without forcing his opinions on me. In the end, he told me, “Jerri, my job is to explain your choices and help you understand the legal effect of those choices.” He guided me and put me at ease. He …

My son, the attorney, gave me good advice when he recommended Mr. Niemann.

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My son is an attorney in New Jersey. I am retired and live in Ocean County, New Jersey about 45 minutes away from my son. I needed a lawyer to look at my estate planning documents including Will, Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive. My son recommended Hanlon Niemann in Freehold, New Jersey, specifically Fredrick P. Niemann. I took his advice and met with Mr. Niemann. I am glad that I did. He is a warm and engaging person. No pretense, no airs about him. I immediately felt at ease and we talked about everything that I wanted to do and accomplish with my estate planning. I felt I could open up to him and tell him what was …

I called upon Hanlon Niemann to help me as executor to my father’s estate

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During a difficult period in my life, I called upon Hanlon Niemann to help me as executor to my father’s estate. Mr. Niemann stayed with me every step of the way. He is very professional in his manner and dealings, not only with me but with the attorneys, law firms, creditors and others involved in the probate of my father’s estate. I am very satisfied with his services. Testimonial by Ralph Cafaro – Manalapan, NJ Estate Planning

Mr. Niemann was the perfect match for my aunt

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My aunt is 80 years old and a widow. She’s in good health and lives alone. My cousin and I are very close to her, but I live in North Carolina and my cousin in California. That makes it hard for us to help her as much as we would like to. She wanted to do some estate planning and asked us to help her find an elder law attorney. I did some homework and research and after many inquires, found Mr. Niemann. He came recommended to me by several sources. Mr. Niemann was the perfect match for my aunt. He demonstrated a kindness and sensitivity that made us feel welcomed and comfortable. He met with us right away and …