New Jersey Landlord Tenant Laws

New Jersey Landlord Tenant Law

Are You Having a Landlord/Tenant or Leasing Issue? 

We represent landlords only in eviction matters.

Tenancy law is a minefield in New Jersey. It demands strict compliance and traps the inexperienced landlord with punitive and oppressive consequences.

Registration and notice requirements, prohibitions against certain types of rental practices, security deposit regulations, municipal and state building, fire, zoning and code compliance laws and ordinances all unite to place you at risk for claims.

Hanlon Niemann is a firm with a statewide landlord/tenant practice. Every week we’re appearing somewhere in the Superior Court(s) of New Jersey representing our many clients in matters of eviction, habitability claims, discrimination and lease violations.

Our senior partner, Chris Hanlon, is a recognized expert in landlord/tenant lawCall toll-free (855) 37-5291 and ask for Chris Hanlon or Fred Niemann.

Chris speaks frequently before state associations of landlords, mobile home park owners, operators and managers, retail and apartment owners.He represents many small and medium size landlords and property owners as well. He is a prolific author having written numerous articles relating to landlord issues in New Jersey.