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What is Foreclosure in New Jersey?

Foreclosure is the legal means that a lender can use to repossess your home. When this happens, you must move out of your house. If your property is worth less than the total amount you owe on your mortgage loan, a deficiency judgment could be pursued. If that happens, you not only lose your home, you also would owe an additional amount. Both foreclosures and deficiency judgments could seriously affect your ability to qualify for credit in the future, so you should avoid foreclosure if possible.


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The foreclosure process in New Jersey

Foreclosure is a two-tiered system involving both the Superior Court of New Jersey and the staff of the Office of Foreclosure.

If you look at the summons, which often is the first page of the papers that you received from the lender’s attorney, you will notice that it demands that you answer the complaint within 35 days after you receive the summons and complaint. Filing means filing the original answer with the court. Serving means providing a copy of it to the lender’s attorney who sued you.

The Office of Foreclosure is a unit in the Administrative Office of the Courts, Civil Practice Division. The NJ Office of Foreclosure handles seven types of foreclosure actions:

(1) residential mortgage foreclosure;

(2) multi-family/ commercial mortgage foreclosure;

(3) in personam tax certificate foreclosure;

(4) municipal in rem tax certificate foreclosure;

(5) condominium lien foreclosure;

(6) strict foreclosure (to remedy foreclosure action errors) and

(7) Fair Foreclosure Act optional foreclosure procedures.

Mr. Niemann has been a featured speaker to the NJ Institute for Continuing Legal Education in New Brunswick, NJ on alternatives to foreclosures including forbearance agreements, short sales and loan modifications.  He presented before an audience of licensed NJ attorneys as part of their continuing legal education requirements as mandated by the NJ Supreme Court.

Mr. Niemann also addressed the Monmouth County Bar Association Real Estate Committee on alternatives to foreclosure for attorneys in Monmouth County, NJ. It was held at Eagle Oaks Country Club in Howell, NJ.