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The attorneys at Hanlon Niemann have written all types of operating agreements addressing all types of business issues and situations.  Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq. and the lawyers at Hanlon Niemann understand NJ LLC laws.  The details and issues that must be considered to protect your LLC.

Understanding the Basics of a New Jersey LLC

A limited liability company (LLC) is a hybrid business organization.  It combines the features of both a corporation and a partnership yet it is neither a corporation nor a partnership under New Jersey law.  Instead an LLC is organized by an agreement among its members with the members being free to make any agreement(s) they choose among themselves.  In addition, federal and state tax law generally recognize and treat an LLC as a partnership, meaning taxable gains and losses flow to the individual members and are reported on their individual tax returns. Therefore, if the LLC is structured properly, no federal income tax is payable directly by the LLC; rather, any taxable gain is passed onto the members through a K-1 when a profit is earned.  Similar to shareholders of a “C” or “S” corporation, New Jersey grants the members of an LLC broad (but not absolute) statutory protection from individual liability.  Instead an LLC member risks only the capital that the member invested into the LLC.

At Hanlon Niemann, we have experienced NJ business and Limited Liability Company lawyers who will represent you in your LLC dealings and champion your interests with passion and confidence.

We have significant transaction experience in NJ LLC legal issues and relationships.

We are not afraid to go to the court rooms on your behalf throughout NJ. While we promise to serve our client’s best interests first and foremost by seeking settlements which avoid costly and contentious court proceedings, we will also not hesitate to try your case to its conclusion if we are faced with an unreasonable or confrontational adversary.

Many of the most successful small and medium-sized LLC’s in NJ are founded on a strong relationship between two or more members. But if the relationship breaks down, the consequences can be devastating.  It’s hard to be objective when your company interests are being threatened and it seldom makes sense for those involved to sort out the problem themselves. If not resolved quickly and decisively, company or member disputes can deplete business resources and focus.

Many attorneys and/or law firms only offer transactional services. When faced with the prospect of a lawsuit and court room, they’ll quickly bail out and refer their LLC members (you) elsewhere. Not us, we’re with you all the way and we’ll continue to serve you throughout the entire case.

We’ve tried to conclusion many types of disputes involving LLC’s, member fights, LLC member expulsions, LLC and partnership suits; franchise claims; non-compete and restrictive covenants, employment, class action litigation; contract and insurance cases, tortuous business practices, unfair competition, labor, fraud, fraudulent transfers, and others.