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Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq. understands NJ Corporation and Business Law. Corporation law in NJ can be a maze. Knowing how to get you through it is our job. We’re NJ corporation and business law attorneys for businessmen and businesswomen throughout the state of New Jersey.

What We Do

From corporate formation, including incorporations, limited liability companies (LLC’s), partnerships, drafting of corporate agreements and contracts, corporation sales and purchases (including asset sales and stock purchases), litigation/mediation of tough corporate disputes, including contract cases, corporate fraud and torts, interference with business relations, preparation and/or review of commercial real estate leases, corporate landlord tenant issues and litigation, franchise agreements, including review, analysis and advice on public offering statements, restrictive covenants and the maze called franchising, employment agreements and severance waivers in employment and labor law, corporate office succession planning for families and/or key business people, we’ve done it and often.  

Best of all, we’re practical in the real world of NJ corporations and business. And…we’ll budget our services for you.

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I own several small businesses. I’m good at what I do but legal matters and dealing with lawyers and legal issues is stressful. I called Fredrick P. Niemann and have developed a great relationship with his lawyers and staff. They have reviewed my leases, negotiated the buyout of my former business partner, handled land use problems in a neighboring county and generally have really been there for me. I really like them personally and professionally. If you are a small business owner, give them a call.

—Mike Halsey, Middletown, NJ


Sincere, professional, responsive and in touch with my legal needs and requirements.

I have been a client for many years and have been very, very satisfied with Fredrick P. Niemann.

—Paul Brady, Princeton, NJ


What Services We Can Offer You

For more than 30 years, we have helped small and medium-sized corporations, businesses and individuals with their corporate legal matters in New Jersey, including:

Corporation formation and business planning:  This service continues long after the articles of incorporation are first written. Businesses must plan for profitability, tax consequences, employment issues, and other concerns. Business can change with commercial needs and realities, and savvy businesspeople will keep an open eye for changing risks and opportunities. We will help you launch your new corporation to minimize risk and legal liability to promote your success.

NJ Contracts:  Whether it’s a goods or services contract, employment agreement, licensing and/or distribution agreement (or any other type of agreement), a contract defines and controls the business relationship. Let us be a clear voice for you by writing, reviewing, and negotiating your business contracts. For additional information on NJ contracts, go to

NJ Non-Compete Agreements:  Are you concerned about protecting your valuable proprietary information and the possibility that your key employees might compete directly against you? If so, let our experienced corporation attorneys draft a non-compete agreement for your corporation that can assist you in protecting your valuable proprietary and confidential business information. We can also prepare a non-competition agreement for your employees that can protect your interests. We can counsel you on the best methods of implementing a non-compete agreement with existing and new employees.

NJ Employment – Employer and Employee Relations:  As you grow and add employees, depend on us to assist you with your employment documents, including employment contracts, employee handbooks and policies and advice on hiring and firing.

NJ Employee Handbook and Employment Policies:  Did you know that your company could be at risk for an employee’s actions? Let us review and evaluate employee handbooks and employment policies to clearly define policies regarding termination, drug use, Internet and e-mail use, vacation, sick leave, grievances, benefits, disability, sexual harassment and other important policies.

NJ Business succession plans and agreements take place upon the death, disability, retirement or withdrawal of a business owner, key employee or partner. Depending on the type of business, transfers of ownership interests may not achieve a complete change of control. Careful estate and corporate business planning can minimize problems and facilitate business owners’ goals.

A NJ Closely held corporation involves a small number of shareholders and is a common form of family-owned business. Due to their low number, shareholders often assume management and direction of the company. This consolidation of responsibilities can lead to specialized and unique legal issues.

Directors’ and officers’ liability in NJ occurs when corporate representatives undertake actions that are illegal, unauthorized, or damaging to the business. While the corporate structure offers protection from liability in most instances, some actions or decisions can expose directors and officers to personal legal risk even if made in the ordinary course of business. Whether it is a claim for or against the Board of Directors, the officers of the corporation, a co-shareholder or LLC member, strong, experienced counsel is critical to protect not only your rights but your financial and economic interests.

NJ Franchisee Law Representation:  We will review your franchise document(s), explain your obligations, and advise you throughout the process of purchasing or selling a franchise. We want to be there to guide and protect you through this complicated yet potentially rewarding investment decision.

NJ Partnership, NJ shareholder and NJ LLC member agreement(s):  A well-written and thought out agreement with an existing or prospective partner, shareholder or LLC member is one of the most essential protections you can have to ensure that verbal promises made to each other are memorialized in writing and legal remedies prevailed upon if your business associate fails to honor this commitment.  Some of the most expensive and vicious lawsuits that are fought in the NJ court system involve business disputes and claims of fraud, breach of contract, allegations of bad faith, etc.  A well written corporate and shareholder agreement does not have to be overly expensive and can save you tens of thousands of dollars in future litigation costs.

Appeal Law.  Appeal are taken very seriously in NJ. They have serious legal consequences when selected. Do you have familiarity in NJ appeal law? If not, contact Hanlon Niemann today.  For more information, go to

Review of Your NJ Retail, Office or Industrial Lease – Discovering the physical location for your enterprise is one of the most exciting steps in establishing a new company. It brings your business plan one step closer to profitability. Commercial leases are highly negotiable, from the terms and conditions to the financial payments and methods of payment. You should not sign a lease agreement before having an experienced NJ commercial leasing attorney review the lease and negotiate a lease agreement that can save you money today and for years to come. A small mistake or oversight will cost you substantial money.

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We have years of experience helping clients buy and sell franchised businesses. Our clients appreciate that we provide quality legal work and responsive service. If you plan on purchasing a corporation, selling or purchasing a NJ franchise business, contact Fredrick P. Niemann today.

Corporation and Transactional Business Law. Consult with us for legal advice on day-to-day business issues as well as strategic business decisions. For more information, go to

Arbitration Law.  Arbitration is taken very seriously in NJ. It has serious legal consequences when selected. Do you have familiarity in NJ arbitrstion? If not, contact Hanlon Niemann today.  For more information, go

NJ Law on Fraud.  Under pressure from creditors or in anticipation of a judgment being entered against you?  There is a temptation to protect assets and income from Armageddon.  If you are a creditor or debtor who is the subject of a claim involving a questionable transfer, consult our experienced fraudulent transfer attorney.  For more information on NJ fraudulent transfers, go to (click here).

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