How to Calculate Your Pension Benefits

How is VA Pension Calculated?

A Veterans Pension Benefit is offered at 9 different maximum benefit amounts based on whether the award is for a veteran with a spouse, a single veteran or a single surviving spouse of a deceased veteran. There are also rates associated with additional dependent children. Typically, an older veteran household will have dependent children if they have one or more totally disabled or incapacitated adult children living in the home. Or the older veteran may be married to a younger woman. If the household has such a situation, the additional dependent child rates are listed in Table 1 below.

The calculation of each of these different categories of Pension income will allow for a benefit from zero dollars all the way up to the Maximum Allowable Pension Rate (or MAPR) for that category. We have listed the 9 categories below along with the minimum and maximum monthly Pension income for that category.

The table below lists current maximum allowable pension rates for 2013 by category of rating or no rating. The medical deductions mentioned in the example above are also listed here.

Special Monthly Pension Rates Paid to Veterans Age 65 or Older OR Permanently and Totally Disabled

Maximum Annual Pension Rate

 Maximum Monthly Check

Qualified disabled veteran $12,652 $1,054
With one dependent $16,569 $1,380
Qualified disabled veteran and housebound $15,462 $1,288
With one dependent $19,380 $1,615
Qualified disabled veteran and in need of regular aid and attendance $21,107 $1,758
With one dependent $25,022 $2,085
Increase for each additional dependent child $2,161 $180*


Death Pension Rates Paid to Veteran’s Surviving Spouse

Maximum Annual Pension Rate

Maximum Monthly Check

Surviving spouse $8,485 $707
With one child $11,107 $925
Surviving spouse is permanently housebound $10,371 $864
With one dependent child $12,988 $1,082
Surviving spouse needs regular aid and attendance $13,563 $1,130
With one dependent child $16,180 $1,348
For each additional child $2,161 $180*
Pension for each surviving child $2,161 $180*


Veterans Benefits For NJ Benefits and Their Surviving Spouse


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