Assistance for Your Medicaid Application

Do You Need Assistance in Filing Your Medicaid Application?

Fredrick P. Niemann Esq.

To speak to a caring, experienced New Jersey Medicaid application lawyer, ask for Fredrick P. Niemann of Hanlon Niemann & Wright today.

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Doing it Alone

Some people can file a Medicaid application on their own.  Others cannot or should not because of legal and/or other issues they are not even aware of.  I have prepared a test to determine whether professional assistance is needed in preparing and filing your Medicaid application.  Read each question slowly and carefully and be as honest in your answers as possible.

  • Do I know the location of the Medicaid office where the application must be filed?
  • Am I familiar with all the documentation that must accompany the filing of a Medicaid application?
  • Am I familiar with the Medicaid laws regarding spend down and do I have sufficient documentation to prove that the spend down in my case is proper?
  • Am I familiar with the NJ Medicaid law regarding gifts, uncompensated transfers of assets and other issues that may affect my eligibility?
  • Do I have enough documentation to support the fact that the transfer of assets was properly done?  If not, do I know what to do?
  • Do I have the 40+ hours that it is estimated to take preparing, filing and following to conclusion a Medicaid application?
  • If the eligibility case worker asks questions, do I understand the process sufficiently to give him/her the correct and appropriate answers, which will not hurt me or the Medicaid applicant?
  • Do I know what a pre-admission screening is and how it applies to filing a Medicaid application?
  • If the Medicaid application is rejected, am I familiar with the time limits and rules for filing an appeal and requesting a Fair Hearing?
  • If my NJ Medicaid application is not rejected but not approved and I’m being “jerked around”, am I familiar with my rights and the procedures for obtaining prompt action?
  • Do I know how to deal with the nursing home or other facility while they are not being paid during the pendency of the Medicaid Application and do I know how much I must pay them every month until Medicaid is approved?

If many of the questions listed above were answered “no”, then contact Fredrick P. Niemann toll-free at (855) 376-5291 or to set up an office consultation at your convenience.  Fred will tell you honestly and directly if you can go it alone when filing your Medicaid application.

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