Partnership and Limited Partnership Differences

Understanding the Difference Between a General Partnership and Limited Partnerships in New Jersey

There is a difference between a NJ General Partnership and a New Jersey Limited Partnership. Let me explain those differences.

Limited Personal Liability in a New Jersey Partnership

Interested in being a partner of a New Jersey business but afraid of exposure to lawsuits, of being sued individually or having a judgment entered against you? Individuals in New Jersey who want to be a part of a business enterprise can shield and protect themselves from general legal liability by becoming a limited liability (LLP) partner in a limited liability partnership. A limited liability partner in a limited liability partnership is not personally liable under New Jersey law for the obligations or the liabilities of the partnership caused by the actions of other partner(s) or an employee, agent or representative of the limited liability partnership. Further, a limited partner in a limited liability partnership will not be a party to a lawsuit against the limited partnership unless it is alleged that this individual is personally liable, because of his or her direct supervision or control of the limited partnership.

General Partnership Liability in a NJ Limited Partnership

Although limited liability partnerships shield all of the limited partners from general liability, limited partnerships do not shield the general partners of the LLP.

When Can a General Partner of a Limited Partnership Be Held Personally Liable?

New Jersey has joined a group of states that have decided to allow a plaintiff to pierce the corporate veil of a corporate general partner under certain and limited circumstances. The law also allows legal action to be filed against a limited partner under certain circumstances.

A limited partner in a New Jersey limited partnership is a member who does not involve himself or herself in the active running or day to day management and/or operations of the partnership, and is therefore, not jointly and severally liable for the actions and decisions made by the general partner. Recently a court in our state decided that an LLC limited partner could be sued and its member(s) sued personally by “piercing the corporate veil” of the LLC in certain situations, if the limited partner dominates the partnership or uses the limited partnership to perpetuate a fraud or injustice.

While the prevailing law in this state still holds that a limited partner is shielded from personal liability for partnership obligations, there are two exceptions that can override that immunity: 1. When a limited partner is also the general partner of the partnership or, 2. a limited partner participates in the control of the business.

New Jersey law retains its “safe harbor protections” that allow a limited partner to engage in certain activities of the partnership without being considered in control of the business. These safe harbor activities include (1)being a shareholder or member of a LLC general partner; (2)providing consulting or advisory services to a general partner; or (3)being a contractor, agent or employee of the limited partnership.

However, if a Court finds that a limited partner “dominates” the partnership or uses the resources of the partnership to commit a fraud or injustice, the immunity from personal liability will be waived. Factors to be considered by a judge in determining whether a partner is “dominating” the partnership include:

  1. The limited partner’s role in the day-to-day operations of a business
  2. The limited partner’s decision-making authority compared to that of a general partner
  3. Capitalization of the entity relative to the nature of the company’s business

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Written by Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq. of Hanlon Niemann & Wright, a New Jersey Partnership Attorney