Acting as Local Counsel in Business Litigation Cases

Local Counsel Assistance

We act as local counsel to in-state and out-of-state lawyers who do not practice business litigation and who find themselves litigating in New Jersey.  In addition to practicing before all twenty-one (21) County Superior Courts, we also practice in each of the state’s federal courts.  Our experience and familiarity with local practices and procedures can be indispensable to firms and their clients less familiar with the nuances of NJ practice.  We also understand and respect the primary attorney-client relationship and carefully define our role as local counsel to align with the needs of clients and their attorneys.  If requested, we stand ready to handle the full scope of services needed by a client involved in a litigated matter.  We provide this representation with our commitment to value, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Out-Of-State Attorneys

We typically assist out-of-state attorneys in a variety of ways, including:

  • Prepare and file motions including pro hac vice
  • Advise on strategy and local rules.
  • Handle personal service and next-day filings.
  • Ensuring compliance with time periods for filing discovery.
  • Providing out-of-state attorneys with background intelligence on local judges and arbitrators.
  • Serving subpoenas for documents and testimony.
  • Filing and arguing motions to compel compliance with subpoenas.
  • Domesticating subpoenas and foreign judgments.
  • Enforcing judgments against New Jersey based judgment debtors.

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