Do You Get a Jury to Decide an Elder Abuse Accusation?

By Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq. a New Jersey Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation Attorney When a criminal case for elderly abuse is filed, an accused person is entitled to a jury trial on civil and criminal legal claims but not on equitable claims.  An elder financial abuse action is most often a legal action against […]

Did You Know That a Court Appointed Receiver Cannot Be Held Personally Liable When He or She Screws Up a Business?

By Fredrick P. Niemann of Hanlon, Niemann & Wright, a Freehold Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey Business & Corporation Law Attorney In a recent case, a Court appointed receiver was sued over the actions they allegedly took during their tenure administrating rental property.  Plaintiff’s case was dismissed because the United States Supreme Court has ruled […]

What Are The Warning Signs Of Elder Abuse?

By Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq. a Freehold Township, Monmouth County New Jersey Elder Abuse Attorney While one sign or several signs do not necessarily indicate elder abuse all of the time there are some tell-tale signs of a problem: Bruises, pressure marks, broken bones, abrasions, and burns may be an indication of physical abuse, neglect, or […]

Protecting Your Elder Loved Ones From Financial Abuse

By Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq., a NJ Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation Attorney It’s no secret that the economy has worsened in recent years. Unfortunately, with the struggling economy has come a rise in elder financial abuse, Individuals see the elderly as being more vulnerable to scams, fraud, and other financial abuse due to their […]

How Valid Are Nursing Home Visitation Restrictions

By Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq; a New Jersey Elder Care Lawyer Many nursing homes have policies whereby your children can only visit you during visiting hours. But that’s not exactly true, at least under Federal law. A resident’s family member can visit at any time of the day or night. Under the Nursing Home Reform […]

What Is Self-Neglect And What Are The Signs?

By Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq. a New Jersey Elder Abuse Attorney Tragically, sometimes elders neglect their own care, which can lead to illness or injury. Self-neglect can include behaviors such as: • Hoarding • Failure to take essential medications or refusal to seek medical treatment for serious illness • Leaving a burning stove unattended • Poor hygiene • Not wearing […]