Pre-Trial Motions

Pre-Trial Motions in Municipal Court

Often times the evidence against you can be suppressed. By suppressed we mean kept out of your case. How? By making a pretrial motion(s) to the Municipal Court Judge. Lawyers look for technicalities that can be used beneficially for their clients. Examples include illegally obtained evidence, illegal searches and seizure, illegal conduct by the police, lack of probable cause to support the accusation, lack of jurisdiction by the court, unconstitutionally of the charge, statute of limitation violations (meaning the charge was made outside of a statutory time limit), failure to provide discovery. The use of pretrial motions at or before the time of trial can be an extremely effective defense tool for use by your attorney. Knowing what motion to make and how to make it is an important aspect of your defense. Think you should have evidence against you suppressed or have other concerns about the evidence in your case?

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