New Jersey Employers and Employees Must Always Be Aware of the Language In Their Contracts

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By Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq., a NJ Contracts Attorney

 A large number of employers and employees throughout New Jersey are having signed an employment contract. Unfortunately, employees often do not read the contracts before they sign them, seeing it as too complicated or simply because they are too lazy. What many of these employees do not realize is that the language of the contract will bind both them and their employer once both parties have signed it. This makes it crucial that one reads and understands their employment contract prior to signing it. An employee cannot claim a defense based on the fact that they did not read the contract despite the fact that they signed it. Your signature, unless fraudulently obtained, indicates that you agree to the terms of the contract and will abide by it.

 NJ Contract law dictates that all signed contracts will bind both of the parties to the language included in the contract. This means that all employers and employees, once they sign the employment contract, must abide by the terms included in it or they will be considered in breach of the contract. If a dispute arises between an employer and employee, the first thing the Courts will look to is the employment contract signed by the parties. 

 One recent employment dispute arose between a doctor seeking to leave her practice and the partners she worked with in this practice in order to set up her own office. As is often the case, the parties disagreed about how much the departing doctor would be paid for her percentage of ownership in the practice and what remaining doctors would be purchasing her ownership percentage. The Courts refused to take any factors into consideration other than the employment contract between the parties. The contract states the price to be paid to the departing doctor and who would pay it in exchange for her ownership percentage in the practice. This is a typical example of why it is imperative that you read and understand the employment contract you are signing. 

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